Qantas Platinum Q Bag Tags in BILINGURR, Western Australia for sale

Qantas Platinum Q Bag Tags
Qantas Platinum Q Bag Tags
Qantas Platinum Q Bag Tags

Brand New Qantas Platinum Q Bag Tags
Sale on here:
Exclusive Q Bag Tags, only provided to Qantas Platinum Frequent Flyer members (they can be yours!)
Brand new, never used, just arrived from Qantas (still has the fresh rubber smell)
Contact details on back are unmarked, allowing you to add them if you choose to do so.
Reason for sale is that I already own a pair of them, no further need for this additional set.
More information can be found here:
The Q Bag Tag is a permanent bag tag that allows you to check-in your baggage easily when flying within the Qantas network and eliminates the need for a paper bag tag, streamlining your journey through the domestic terminal.
RFID technology embedded in a durable hard plastic disc with a soft rubber outer ring and an elastic
Each tag contains world-first technology that synchronises the flight details on your boarding pass
QBT does not store any personal information
Elastic cord - Nylon outer and elastic strands inner
Designed by world-renowned Australian designer Marc Newson
Also will give you priority luggage when flying Qantas